Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cape Town

Even though it's been a long time since we've written, not too much has happened...

At some point in our travels Rajib got another haircut, giving him even better aerodynamics.
"I pity the fool..."

We've been in Cape Town for a week and took an organized tour of the Garden Route. We made a couple of friends from around the world and saw various sites on South Africa's Western Cape.

The trip consisted of a safari, exploring Cango Caves, canoing, seeing an ostrich farm and penguin park, bungee jumping, shark diving and some hiking. We stayed at some amazing places, mostly farms that had amazing views of the countryside. But more importantly, every night we had crucial meals (often their traditional braai, aka wood barbecue) where we got to try different game meats like boar, ostrich, and crocodile.
View from one farm we stayed at...

Here is a video of Rajib riding an ostrich...later that night he ate it.
Ostrich tastes surprisingly a lot like steak...

Only a few people went for the bungy jump. Supposedly, it is the highest in the world at 216 meters. The jump happens from under the bridge, for they created a catwalk to get to the jump site at the center of the bridge. The catwalk alone is crucial, as it is pretty open...and the floor is a flexible grating so you can see down to the bottom and every step feels like you're going to fall through. Cesar almost made it out, but his fear of heights made him turn back.
Rajib on the way down...

After returning from our tour we hiked up Table Mountain. The trail is well-kept, but very strenuous...especially after walking uphill for an hour from our hostel just to get to the base of the mountain. Here is a view from the top, looking down at Cape Town.