Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gitonga's hometown

After a crazy matatu bus ride, we arrived in Ntirimiti. The matatu is small Nissan van that can never be filled. It has like 8 seats, but they fill it to 16 - no personal space exists in a matatu. At one point, Rajib's head was at a 90 degree angle, with two dudes on his lap.

We got out, and started our 2 mile trek up to Gitonga's house with 80 lbs. packs on our backs. It seemed like the United Nations got the excess dirt from around the world and dumped it on this road - it was so dusty...we got browner than brown!

"No Rajib, we're not walking back 6 miles to get your hair gel!"

After the crucial trek, we took some chill time in the farm-hand's home before hiking up the hill behind Gitonga's house. This hill was ridiculously steep. We were already way up in elevation, and this took us that much closer to the clouds. We chilled up there, took in the view, and returned home to find a feast waiting for us to crush. We had some avocados and put some potatoes in the fire, which we ate 45 minutes later, and more tea.

We slept in the living room by the fire...but Cesar still froze. (Rajib had like 4 layers of clothing on and 3 heavy blankets...maybe he should've given one to Cesar?)

The next day we walked like 9 miles up and down the Kenyan hills looking for elephants. All we found was their crucial dueces, unfortunately. On the plus side, though, we saw zebras, baboons, warthogs, and South African gazelles from afar. This was not a safari, but Gitonga's backyard!

When we got back we were very hungry, thirsty, and tired. We ate Ugali (maize-based chunk of grain), tea, milk, and Sukumawiki (made by one of Gitonga's 13 grandmothers). Then we just chilled by the fire again, roasting potatoes, and struggling to make a huge Cesar fire. This was our favorite part - chillin' and hanging out with the family, talking and drinking tea.

Gitonga's family, well...excluding the other 12 grandma's

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