Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chickens and Shrinkage, Oh My!

Our first night in Meru (Sept. 28) was spent at Gitonga's family's village school. This school was established by his father to provide primary education to the children in town.

This spot had modest accommodations...showers and bathroom outside, and fire for heat, light, and cooking. What it did not have in amenities, was well made up for in our host's care for us. We met Gitonga's mother, father, and sister, who all took very good care of us.

Starting up a fire for dinner

Some may think we're not eating well here, but it's the opposite. The food has been fresh and plentiful. The staple is potatoes, but we've also had rice, corn, carrots, chicken, and beef. On this night, after touring the school, we killed a chicken for dinner...pretty crucial! We ate everything (edible) - from the feet to the heart.

Potato mash with beans and carrots (Mukimo)

Showering outdoors in the cold, with ridiculously cold water, is liberating but a bit shrinkifying. The good thing is, afterwards the air feels warm...for like 5 seconds, at least. (Then around 2 hours later, you can find your nunu again.)

Feeling clean and free, we decided to set camp (thanks for the tent, dee). They told us it never rains, but it did that night. They seemed to think we brought the rain, which is good for the crops.

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