Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kenya, hoooooooo!

Landing in Kenya was no problem...except Cesar's passport was kind of full from all his previous travels. While getting through customs, Cesar made friends with one of the security officers. She helped us get a driver to get to our hostel and we arrived kind of late - like around midnight.

The room was small, had two small beds, some ripped up mosquito nets, and no air-conditioner...but cozy, and definitely beat the plane seats. Our room also had a sink, but the bathroom and shower were shared.
Our room

Rajib in the mosquito net

Being off time by 7-8 hours, we woke up around 6am (Kenya time) to find some motorbikes. Our plan was to get the bikes to start heading south to Capetown on our own. We explored the streets on downtown Nairobi to get a feel for the city and meet people who could lead us to our dirt bikes.

Reality struck by the end of the day...

Dirt bikes in this city are too expensive, especially with all the hustlers. We saw a crucial 1975 Mini 100, but this too was a bit steep for our budget. There were also other factors to think about - like crossing borders with corrupted officials, not having local vehicle insurance, or anything else the local authorities could make up to hold against us. At this moment, we are undecided on our mode of transportation to get down to Capetown (for our flight to India).

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