Sunday, October 12, 2008 many things to see!

Today we arrived in Arusha after a two hour bus ride. We just chilled and walked around offered drugs about 13 times, asked if Obama will win 11 times and asked to take at least 15 safaris. Our plans are to find the remote and traditional tribe, Masai. They are the tall skinny folks that have amazing ups and crucial traditional clothing. With some advice form the locals we gained an idea where we might find them. The Masai are herders/nomads and live in the bush. We found some guy here that agreed to rent us his dirt bike for few days. We are departing tomorrow morning for our quest to hopefully find the tribe.... and yes, straight Euro baby......two dudes on one seat!

We hope to take part in the traditional life they live. We are only taking our tooth brush and mosquito nets to cut down on logistics, sure our pits will be fuuuuuuuuuuuunky...but breathe should be fresh. We are also bringing the camera and hope to get some incredible shots. We aim to return in a few days. The commute should only take a couple of hours to the area. I plan to make it there in about 6 hours. We were told to head east to a populated area and then a take a dirty and bumpy road for 30 or so miles. Once we find this place, we must head straight into the bush to find them.

My ankle is getting better and no longer require a stick to walk, but still need help with my bag, thanks Rajib.

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