Saturday, October 11, 2008

Short and sweet----So, we are now in Tanzania. The bus commute was dreadful and dusty...but we made it with no break downs. We got so see many animals in the bush as we drove, and are now staying in Moshi, which lies next to mount Kilimanjaro (The largest mountain in Africa). We are really enjoying it here and very happy to leave Mombasa. Mombasa was muggy and too busy. Upon arrival Cesar asked some guy if we could rent his motor bike for about two hours to get closer to Kilimanjaro. He agreed and we were on our way for 12 dollars! We had no clue where we were going, just kept the direction of the mountain and drove for maybe 45 minutes. We seemed to be in a remote area and people were so excited to see foreigners. Children chased behind us...perhaps the next Boston Marathoners? Everyone waved and yelled out welcoming gestures and graced huge smiles. At one point we came across some herders...

After taking a few photos of Mt. Kilimanjaro (pictures coming soon) and running short on time we decided to head back to town. We are heading to Arusha tomorrow to find a way to Ngorongoro crater.

We were about to have dinner at this restaurant next door and this English girl just explained it was a terrible idea. It has been taken hostage 4 times this month...hunger pains are not so bad...or are they?

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