Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crucial Cut and New Amigo

We woke up early again to continue looking for some fly rides. Before heading out though, Rajib needed a haircut. We went to a barber right behind the hostel. For like 3 USD, Rajib got a crucial haircut, head massage, and shampoo. Here are some pictures...

IBM to...
... BMX!

The next morning we met Gitonga (Hillary), a local Kenyan who was visiting the hostel for breakfast. Within 1 hour, we jumped on the local bus and traveled 5 hours with him and Alessio (an Italian dude volunteering in Kenya) north to Meru.

African War-Face
Sexy never left Africa

The bus ride was long, bumpy, hot, but colorful. The seats were very small, but they still pack more people than seats. The mexicans got nothing on these Kenyans! Overall, the ride was great because we got to see how most people here get around...not to mention a 6 hour bus ride was only around 7 USD.

back of the bus

But, if you plan to travel by land in Africa expect to make stops to pay off the corrupt police. That being said, it is against the law and the government is trying to stop it (unsuccessfully).

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