Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plans Change (Again)...Sunny Beaches, hoooo!

After two more days in Nairobi, we got tire of this city. We decided to head east to Mombasa. Everyone said it was a beautiful, chill place with beaches close by...but really, it seemed just as busy as Nairobi. As soon as we got into town, we grabbed a tuk-tuk (aka auto rickshaw) and headed for a matatu (minibus) to take us to Malindi.

In Malindi, we found a campsite near the beach to crash (it was like 10pm, and we had been traveling all day). In the morning we found that our campsite was a bit further from the beach than we thought, especially for Cesar's bum legs. Instead of finding a comparable place (in price) to stay, we just went down the road and went all out.

The food here was amazing, met some cool staff, and got to chill at the beach and the resort's sweet pool, which looks out at the beach. One day we went hand-line fishing with some local fishermen in their broke sailboat, which they had to bail water from every 5 minutes. The crew was an interesting mix...They were all African, but some looked more Indian, while others looked more Arab. We didn't catch anything, but the ride out was peaceful...until it poured.

A couple of other days Cesar got some bushman medicine massaged into his ankle. Not much else happened out here...

Also, pictures will come when we get the wireless hook-up

We are planning to head to Tanzania tomorrow, so we're not sure how available Internet will be for next week.

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