Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plans Change...

We had plans to go northwest of Meru to visit some tribes, but on the way down from Gitonga's house, and with a few steps from surfacing the peak of Mt. Kenya, Cesar suddenly got ambushed by a pack of ragina and blood-covered hyenas. Amazingly, he managed to deal with most of them with some karate kicks and throwing stones, but lost his which he took a nasty plunge. The outcome resulted with a sprained ankle and a small (but deep) puncture to the knee - man, was he lucky... Here's a picture 1 hour after the battle.

Due to its graphic nature and PETA, the hyena remains could not be shown

The real details are a lot more lame - like some 80 year old falling over a few rocks...(sorry to anyone around 80 who tripped on a rock).

We decided to head back to Nairobi to take it easy, so Cesar's ankle and knee could heal. Gitonga was heading there, so he was a huge help in getting Cesar's bag and getting us a hotel once in Nairobi, where we spent a couple of days chillin' out.

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jwink said...

No one has left any comments for you guys to read so I thought I would it seems like you guys are having a blast wish I was with yall.